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When to outsource your business social media

When to outsource your business social media

Every business should be online, or the business is not ready to grow yet. That is the power of the internet and social media. Judging by the number of users of the internet today, Facebook alone can turn your business on its head. It can send you to the top, dethroning your competitors completely. But you have to first get your business online to reap from the rewards of owning a business in the internet age.

There are several social media platforms, and although their conversion rate may vary, none is unimportant, you just have to be there.

But most business owners are busy and some new (or growing businesses) cannot afford a social media team. So there is a need to outsource your business social media. But you may be wondering if you should or should not. Of course, being a small business, you’re considering the cost (which is short term compared to the returns). You should be considering the return and leverage, in a few months, and for the next few years.

How to know if to outsource your Business social media

To understand if you should be outsourcing your business social media, we have put together a few questions you should be asking. Answering these questions should tell you if you can handle your business social media or if you should be outsourcing it.

  1. Do I understand how to be social online?

That is an important question only you can answer. Of course, we all have our social handles and account from where we interact with our friends and families, but it is a different kettle of fish with your business. You may choose not to make a post on your account for as long as possible, you’re only liking posts, and commenting on your friends’ posts only, but you can’t do this for your business. Again, it is not an excuse to stay or hide behind your computer and not be productive or communicating with anyone –you’ve got to be passing a message regularly to keep your followers engaged.

Being able to socialize is truly an art, and it is important to ask yourself if you have the knack to be social for your business. You don’t have to force it if you don’t have the creativity, energy, and zeal to be a social butterfly, your followers will even feel it.

However, if you have the time to learn this thing, then you may have to go for it of course. But ensure you understand your customers and followers, which brings us to the next point.

  1. Do you know your customers?

Before you can choose to handle your business social media yourself, you should first ask if you even understand your customers. If you don’t know how to be social for your business (as in number one above), then you’re likely an introvert. If you are one, how do you handle your customers? You need to understand the niche you’re serving and your customers. Are they the extroverted ones who would be actively involved in the flashy social networks like SnapChat or Instagram? Or do they prefer to be casually browsing Pinterest or even LinkedIn? The beginning of success (or otherwise) in your business social media marketing is knowing your audience.

An experienced social media agency should know how to handle customers in your niche, and that should do the magic.

  1. Have you established your brand voice?

Today, nobody wants to buy products anymore, people prefer buying brands. Think about it, why do you prefer to by the pricey Panerai or Gucci watch? You’re simply buying the brand, you’re buying trust. That’s what people buy today –and if you wear any of these top designers, that’s just a perfect proof of it.

So it is important to ask yourself if you have a brand voice, and how unique your voice is. A business brand voice is everything that matters on social media today. To understand this better, ask yourself the following

  • Are my posts funny?
  • Are they sarcastic?
  • If funny or sarcastic, do they drive enough engagement?
  • Do my posts have a call to actions that are powerful enough?
  • Can I improve on that?
  • Am I leveraging on the big news stories?

The questions above need to be answered. These are a potential brand voice your digital marketing agency should develop if you haven’t, or should maintain or improve on if you have developed a weak one.

While some agencies can mimic your brand voice, you have to be careful, because not all agencies can effectively do that.

  1. Do I need or already have content?

Content is king!!!

Content is not only necessary for social media platforms, but your website also needs it too to do well on search engines. You may have heard of the term “content is king” before now, well that’s simply because it truly is.

To succeed online, there is no substitute for content marketing. People prefer buying stories and experiences. You may have already made a couple of purchases through sales pages, where you read a post and are compelled to place an order. That is the power of content marketing. It subtly makes even the coldest buyers buy from you, and to do that, you need content.

If you already have content, that’s great. But if you don’t, you probably need to outsource your business social media marketing to an agency to help you create and share content. Creating engaging content (whether written, a picture or a video) is an art, and not everyone has a hang of it. If you don’t, then there’s no need to worry, there are those who do –let them do it for you.

To create nice content for your business, your potential digital marketing agency is going to ask you questions. The company would want to know why and how your business runs. Like a doctor will ask you everything about your health, and know what to do, your potential digital marketing agency will ask you everything about your business and know what next to do. To ensure you’re involved, the agency may (and should) give you a strategy through which they plan to achieve your business goals.

  1. Do I have enough time to spare for social media?

Let’s face it, social media takes time. It can be distracting too –you may even get carried away and switch to your account. Your business may be one which requires your undivided attention. And even if it spares you time now, with more customers coming your way, you would be having less and less time to spare.

One of the reasons you may be having little time now is because you’re not having enough clients, which may also be because you’re not using social media enough. So to get more clients, you should use social media more, and to handle a lot of clients, you need to be less active on social media. This means you just have to outsource your business social media.

Time is the biggest factor that influences outsourcing. Most business owners are short on time.

And running your social media yourself doesn’t promise to save you times since there is a lot to do, you want to:

  • Track everywhere your brand is mentioned online
  • Try new or latest growth hack methods.
  • Monitor the conversations happening on your page or handles.
  • Respond to inquiries immediately.
  • Make and share new posts
  • Keep up with your business.

These are no easy tasks to combine with your daily business schedule. So for the business owner who wants to maintain productivity, Social media may just have to be outsourced.

Outsourcing your business social media to competent hands like Moray Digital can take you ahead of your competitors and start bringing those sales in. from creating your website to everything involved in succeeding in the digital space, Moray Digital can help with it. Contact us today.

How to outsource social media marketing for your business

How to outsource social media marketing for your business

Go online, or go home –that is the slogan of the 21st-century business world, and you are about to find out why (if you don’t know yet).

Do you know of anyone who does not have a social media handle or account? –even the baby boomers who love to have things done their way are all on social media these days, many have at least one account on one or more platforms, (especially Facebook). So if you own a business and you are not using social media to improve and to make sales, then you can’t imagine how much you are leaving on the table every other month.

There is so much money on social media, and irrespective of the business you do or the industry you are into, your customers are on the internet.

The good thing is, using the several social media platforms to promote your business wouldn’t take much time (if you know what to do), and it doesn’t have to for you, once you get a hang of it. While this sounds so good (and it is good), the results from social media marketing for your business is probably what you need to reach the next level in business.

Why should you be online?

Now, at this point, I don’t think anyone should still be asking why their business should be online. Well, if you still don’t get it yet, let’s put Facebook in perspective. There are over 2.2Billion monthly users on the social network giant, and if that site were to be a country, you can imagine what number it would be on the list of most populous countries (now you’re getting the point). Instagram has over 1billion monthly users, and twitter though not boasting the same number, is massive nonetheless.

So, now you know why you should be online, right? Great!

Which platforms should you be using?

There are various platforms you can use, and truly, you should be on all of them. The reason for this is that a lot of people have options and preference for these social networks. While some prefer Facebook, others think Instagram is best for them. So if you focus on only one, you’d be shutting a lot of potential customers out who prefer another platform.

The first thing, however, is to get a website for your business. This is like having an office space, there is no business which shouldn’t have a website –it’s as basic as having a name for your business.

Unable to run these accounts? Here’s what to do

No one should leave his or her business to suffer because he is going to promote on social media. While social media is a must for every business, it may be demanding and time-consuming. So in other not to spend all of your time on social media, neglecting your main business, you should consider outsourcing your social media marketing. There are lots of social media marketing brands like Moray Digital (www.moraydigital.co.uk), who can handle your social media marketing campaigns, run ads, handle your various accounts online, and help you get your desired results.

Why you must outsource

There is a need to outsource the social media marketing of your business, and I will highlight a few of these reasons below;

  • You are not a social media expert

If you were a social media expert, you’d already know why you must be online –and you’re not likely to be reading this. Social media experts know just what to do to get the desired results to help your business improve. There is a lot of technicalities involved in setting up and monitoring a successful Facebook ad or Google ad-word campaign, etc. A social media expert knows these.

  • You don’t have time

Unless your business is social media, you have no business handling your social media accounts, because they will drain you and take all of your time. This is the shortcut to inefficiency because you would always abandon what should be done, to remain online.

There are many reasons to outsource, but we would just move on to choosing the right social media marketing agency.

Why you must carefully choose a digital marketing agency

There are quite some social media marketing agencies in the world, and you will always come across one near you (depending on where you live). But you don’t want to hire an incompetent social media marketing agency, because that could be very fatal in your journey to success on the internet. It is important to note that, the company or agency you choose will be your voice, and may likely paint the picture a lot of first-time customers will know of your business. Remember, there is never a second time to create a good first impression. 

How to choose the right social media marketing agency

Choosing the right social media marketing company for your business may just prove the difference in your result, and the following are simple tips involved in choosing the right agency to outsource your social media marketing for your business to.

  1. Make a list

If you already have one or two agencies on your mind, you may skip this step. But it is better to have options, so you can make the right choice from the options available to you. To populate your list, a simple Google search would do. Search for “social media agencies in + your country (or city)…” (without the “+” sign of course). This is likely going to show you some companies like Moray Digital  who should be able to do the job.

  1. Check their website

If you’re going to hand your business social media marketing to a third party, it should be to one who is capable. And one of the best ways to know is to check out their website. Depending on how far you have gone with your business social media strategies, you may even need a website, or revamp your old website. So it’s best to choose a social media agency that can handle website designs too. Going through their website should tell you enough if they can handle your website (or if they can design a functional website for you).

  1. Choose an agency you can trust

It goes without saying, you should be able to trust the agency you’d be outsourcing your business social media marketing to. This agency is going to be your voice, and you should be able to vouch for them to do a good job and have the best interest of your interest at heart.

  1. Check their reviews/testimonial page

The agency you’re outsourcing to should have positive reviews from existing businesses. This should be displayed on their website, with a link to the respective business they’ve worked for. Also, you may check for their reviews on Google business. You can do so by simply searching their business name on Google, and their reviews should show up (if their business is registered on Google –and it should be).  There are other review sites, like Trustpilot, you can check on to see their reviews. You may ask them on which review site their business is listed so you can go straight there.

  1. Talk to them

They are going to be the voice of your business, so they need to understand your goals, vision, and everything about you. This is only possible if and when you tell them. Suffice to say, you need to discuss with them about all there is to know of your business.

The company should be one you can email to ask questions, give feedback, and constantly be in touch. You don’t want to communicate with them only on month ends or every fortnight –that may not work.

Having followed these steps, and you are sure you’ve seen a capable social media company to handle your business social media campaign, you may go ahead to hire them.

This is something we do at Moray Digital we understand what it means to be the voice of your business. We can handle everything digital and social for your business –we can help you set up your website, run adverts on the various social media platforms, get you more clients, and practically, helping you grow your business.

Contact us today to see how we can help grow your business and get you more customers.

Armed Forces Covenant

Armed Forces Covenant

Moray Digital Ltd are proud to announce we have signed the Armed Forces Covenant. Moray Digital’s Director Shaun Moat said “Having served in the RAF and had operational tours in both Kuwait and Iraq it was important for us to sign the covenant. I know we are just at the beginning of our companies journey when we get the the position of employing staff we are committed to employing Ex Forces personnel or current serving personnel spouses.


The Armed Forces Covenant represents a promise by the nation that those who serve or have served, and their families, are treated fairly. All 407 local authorities in mainland Great Britain and 4 Northern Ireland councils have pledged to uphold the Armed Forces Covenant. To date over 3,000 organisations have signed the covenant, including businesses and charities.

Find out how your organisation can sign the covenant and show your support to our Armed Forces and Veterans


Facebook Banner Dimensions and Cover Photo Best Practices

Facebook Banner Dimensions and Cover Photo Best Practices

Are you having trouble with those pesky Facebook banner dimensions? Is your banner or cover photo just not looking right? We’ve got you covered.

Your Facebook cover photo says a lot about your brand. For a business to thrive online and have a social presence, it needs a good looking Facebook Page. No matter if it’s a neighborhood lunch spot or an international conglomerate. Your Facebook page needs to look inviting and recognizable when a client visits and the first thing they see is the cover photo or banner at the top. Getting the banner to look perfect takes a little bit of work and the right kind of attitude.

If you have ever created your own Facebook banner or cover photo you will have noticed that it doesn’t look the same on desktop and mobile. The sides get cut off on mobile, taking important visuals or words along with it. In this article, we will look at the best practices for getting the perfect Facebook cover photo every single time. Additionally, we will look at mistakes to avoid and things to never forget when designing your Facebook banner.

Facebook Banner Dimensions for a Perfect Fit

The most important thing to remember when creating a Facebook banner or cover photo is the way the size changes from mobile to desktop. In the image below you can see different sections around the main space called the “SAFE AREA.” It’s in this area where all important information should be placed, that way it shows up on both desktop and mobile.

The official size for a Facebook banner or cover photo is 820px by 360px. If you have created one before, you might have noticed that sometimes, Facebook makes your perfect image look blurry. That’s why we like to use a larger graphic with the same aspect ratio. The aspect ratio of an 820px by 360px graphic is 2.28, so to be sure that it looks perfect when you upload, you can create it at 1230px by 540px.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

It’s easy to make silly mistakes when creating a Facebook banner. Unfortunately, these seemingly tiny mistakes can really make a difference when it comes to how people react to your Facebook cover photo. Let’s look at some of the most common mistakes you should avoid when making a Facebook banner or cover photo for your business.

Too Much Text

The old rule of “no more than 20% text” isn’t an enforced rule on Facebook cover photos anymore. Nevertheless, you should still try and keep the text to a minimum. Be mindful of the number of words you use, but mostly how much space they fill up in the Safe Area. Use only the words which are completely necessary to send a message.

Too Much Clutter

Just how you can mistakenly fill up space with too much text, it can also happen with a combination of text and visuals. Restrain from making your Facebook cover photo way too cluttered. There is no need to put tons of things in your Facebook Banner, it just has to look good. If you are promoting a specific sale or offer, only add the most important information and let the CTA button do the rest of the work.


Unappealing Color Combination

Ugly color combinations are instant visual repellents. Try not to use random colors in the graphics for your Facebook cover photo. Your best bet is to either use your brand colours or to find some appealing colour palettes on Colorhunt. Simply copy and paste the hex codes from the colour palette you chose to your graphics editors. If you are using a photograph, sample some colours from the image to colourise text. For visual graphic styled Facebook banners, stick to no more than three or four colours at a time.

Too Little Too Late

Another terrible mistake is to change your holiday banner at the wrong time. A good rule of thumb is to change your holiday-themed Facebook cover photo a week two before the actual holiday. If you sell products online, then you have to be especially aware of upcoming holidays so that you can promote your sales with enough time.

Best Practices For Your Brand

Now that we’ve seen the most common mistakes which you should avoid at all costs, it’s time to look at what you should always be doing. As long as you follow certain parameters, your Facebook cover photo will work for you and your brand.

Stay on Brand with Colours, Fonts, and Message

As a brand, it’s your responsibility to stay consistent from the web to social media and beyond. Your brand style guide should be the first point of reference when creating a new Facebook banner or cover photo. Use your branded colours and branded fonts. Maintain the message and the feel of your brand at all costs. Take a cue from the Nike Facebook Page, they visualise their brand with their trademark slogan; Just Do It.

Use a Focal Point to Bring Attention to The CTA Page Button

Before we look at adding a focal point for the Page button, let’s make sure you know what it is. Underneath the banner is your trusty CTA Page button. You can change it according to what you want it to do, from ‘shop now’ to ‘learn more’ and a bunch of other options. If you haven’t customised this button yet, it will say  ‘Add Page Button.’ Click on it to add whichever option suits your company best.

To customise an existing CTA Page button, hover over it and a little edit pencil will show up. Click on the pencil and choose ‘edit button.’

Now that you know the power of this little button, it’s time to call some attention to it. Add a little something on the bottom right corner which will grab the viewer’s attention. The folks at Superfly added a black rectangle with their website URL right above the buttons. They don’t expect you to copy that URL and paste into your browser! You just have to click the Shop Now button. You can achieve a focal point to the button in different ways, with photography, graphics, and even arrows!

Use High-Quality Images Which You Have Rights to

Always use photography which you have the rights to use. Not only does it follow Facebook’s guidelines, but it’s also common sense. Please don’t use imagery which you found online and simply pasted into your banner, this can get you in trouble! Use stock photography which you have paid for or free stock images from sites like Unsplash. Better yet, use your own photographs of your own products! The Pepsi Facebook banner below is a great example.

Try Using a Video Instead of a Photo or Graphic

Why not try a video instead of an image? The process to upload a video to your banner is the same as adding an image, just follow the same size guidelines. Make sure all important movement in the video is inside the ‘Safe Area’ and it’s ready to go.

Add a Description with Links and Pin a Relevant Image to The Top of Your Page

Last but not least, when you upload a new Facebook cover photo or banner, always add a description with relevant links. These will not be obvious at first glance, but when someone clicks on the image they will be able to see all the information you added. For example, the current banner for Starbucks is about the Born This Way Foundation and once you click on the banner, you see all the links and tags related to it.

Likewise, Starbucks also has a pinned image to the top of their page which gives a lot more information about the foundation in an animated GIF. What this technique does, is create a full-scale effect for your Facebook Page. When someone lands on it, they can see your three important visuals; the logo, the cover photo, and the pinned image. If everything is optimized, along with the page button, they have plenty of choices to interact

Having an optimised Facebook page these days is not that hard. Use the Facebook banner dimensions template above to help you create the perfect cover photo. Avoid common mistakes and follow the best practices to create a Facebook banner, and you will have a great looking cover photo in no time! Remember to customise your page button and don’t forget to upload your graphic with a relevant description.

SOURCE: https://www.elegantthemes.com

How to Save you time and money with your Social Media

How to Save you time and money with your Social Media

The benefits of social media are endless, not least for increasing exposure of your brand, generating new customers and improving customer relationships. However, if you run a small business on your own, or if you have a small team, the chances are that you have very limited time to get through the basic everyday business tasks – never mind think about what you need to post on you’re your Social Media channels to stay relevant! That’s where outsourcing social media management makes sense.

If you’re wondering what the process of outsourcing social media management involves, you’ve come to the right place. Simply put, outsourcing social media management means handing over the  your social media accounts to ourselves Moray Digital, who’ll spend time researching your industry and posting relevant content that speaks to your audience. Outsourcing social media management doesn’t need to be expensive we provide three levels of service start at £199+vat per month. 

We’ve put together eight reasons why you should outsource your social media management and consider Moray Digital to be your partner.

You can focus on the thing you enjoy – Your Actual Business

Instead of spending an hour or two a week coming up with topics for social media posts and researching your industry and competition, you should instead be focusing on the most important aspects of your business – namely finances, customer service and employee satisfaction. Instead of wasting time trying to master a new skill that you know little about, you should leave your social media to the experts and spend more time doing the stuff you’re good at.

You’ll get expert assistance

We all know how to send a tweet and update our Facebook status, but do you really know how to target your campaigns to maximise success and generate the business leads you desire? If not, you have two options – spend months researching into social media trends and improving your knowledge or outsource your social media to somebody who knows exactly what they’re doing.

Your staff won’t be distracted

We’ve all done it… hand over access to our company’s social media platforms to our new, millennial employee. “Oh, they’ll understand what to do, they’re young,” we say. Chances are, they’ll use their time to chat with friends and surf the internet – not push targeted, well-researched content to your customers and potential business leads.

You’ll save money

Hiring a marketing manager or social media expert for your brand can be costly (On average around £18,670 for a marketing assistant Source Payscale.com )– especially if you don’t have the budget to blow on something that doesn’t guarantee results. Outsourcing your management makes Moray Digital accountable for your success and removes the risks which would be associated with hiring a new member of staff. Outsourcing guarantees a professional service.

You’ll get the right marketing mix

As a business owner, you want to maximise your sales. However, when it comes to social media, you should find a careful mix of sales-based tweets and tweets that offer value to your audience. Blog articles, statistics, images and videos are all as equally important as your sales messages, so outsourcing your social media to a team that can balance your sales messages with fun, engaging content is one of the best ways to avoid a timeline full of ‘buy now’ posts.

You can beat your competitors

If your competitors are posting cat videos or, heaven forbid, using their social media platforms to talk to their friends and family, then you’ve got an opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Working with a us can give you an edge if you want to beat your competitors, as we will be able to find ways to target your audience and promote your products or services in a way that works best.

You won’t miss out on posting content

Let’s face it. Running a business can be challenging – particularly when you’re responsible for managing staff members, rotas, marketing and finances. With a partnership with Moray Digital, you know that your social media streams will be readily updated every day, so you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to put your name in front of potential customers.

You don’t have to research into competitors and industry trends

While you might be aware of what your competitors are doing, the chances are that you don’t have time to sit down and analyse their digital marketing strategies in order to benefit your own. Moray Digital will carry out in-depth competitor research in order to maximise your chances of engagement success. It’s a task any business owner would find boring – for Moray Digital, it’s part of the on-boarding process for every new client and is carried out every 6 months and allows us to deliver a high-quality service.

While there’s certainly no exact art to getting your social media profiles where they need to be, relying on a professional company to market your products and services is one of the best ways to take your small or medium-sized business in the right direction. Although it’s possible to manage your own social media as well as your business, the chances are that it will end up costing you more money and time than it’s worth – which is why outsourcing to Moray Digital makes sense. Get in touch today to arrange a coffee to see how Moray Digital can truly be the best business decision you make this year.