Cheap Websites Online – Buyer Beware


Cheap Websites Online – Buyer Beware

So your thinking of getting a new website and you see that bargain price online. A bargain is hard to resist, especially in a competitive world when every business is looking to save a pound here and there, but cheap websites may cost you more money than you think in the long run.

A cheap website can be set up quickly and won’t deliver the results your business may be looking for and could give you multiple problems with very little solution. So why should you stay away from cheap websites?

Website Rankings

The most important factor by far is will your website rank well so it can be found by new and existing customers. If you’re not ranked highly on search engines, it is very unlikely that you’ll ever be found online. A Cheap website won’t have the key fundamentals of SEO. Sites that don’t follow basic best practice will never appear on the first page of Google.

Speed & Safety

A cheap website is usually built on a basic template suited to many businesses instead of being built just for you, they are full of features you may never need such as eCommerce, forums, blogs and members areas. Sellers often show these as added value and to a novice sounds like your getting a good deal.

The sites will have several fonts and styling option, you will never want them all at once which means your site will become painfully slow and most customers will leave to find a fast loading website possible your competitor.

Of course there something else to consider the template will be used on another website. Which means your site could look the same as other sites. You also open up yourself to hackers. Hackers prey on these websites as they can be an easy target. Hackers look for security vulnerabilities in the vast amount of code behind them, after all, they can download the template and read the code like a map to the bank safe and learn which alarms to disable. This is why theme developers are constantly writing security patches and rewriting existing code.

Poorly Designed

Your website may end up looking very generic, with no personalisation. Cheap websites have very little design, which means it will function poorly and not provide the return on investment you are looking for. It is also very unlikely that your site will be mobile friendly and this is ley with more and more customers interacting with brands on the go.

Updating your website is going to be another painful operation. Alterations are going to be difficult and you’ll end up making compromises at the expense of your brand.

Budget Hosting

Hosting is more than just a web server. A cheap website there will be no backups and limited or no support team who can assist with making changes to your website when you need help.

Moray Digital we believe that customer service and support go hand in hand with beautiful web design. We completely understand Website Design, SEO and you can rest assured we are partnered with a hosting company that is efficient and overall you can be sure Moray Digital is guaranteed to look after you and your business.

We simply don’t provide cheap websites; however, we do provide great websites to suit all budget ranges. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you and your business.

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