Double Trouble for Facebook users


Double Trouble for Facebook users

FACEBOOK stalking just got a lot more dangerous after the social media giant introduced a new feature.

The site has updated its iOS app to let users like a photo by double-tapping on it.

This action previously allowed Facebook users to zoom-in on photos. Social media users have been quick to point out this new update could land Facebook stalkers in a lot of trouble if they’re not careful. For many users this features not going to bother them but for those Facebook stalkers will now need to be careful.

Of course this option has been available to Instagram users for a long time and many Instagram users are saying “It was about time! I’ve been tapping pics of Facebook and feeling very stupid for a while now!”

t is another example of the way Facebook and Instagram have been sharing features. Facebook purchased Instagram for about in 2012 and since then the photo-sharing app and its parent company have become increasingly similar.

In March 2017, Facebook rolled out Stories – a direct copy of Instagram Stories, which in turn was inspired by Snapchat stories. Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp chats are also going to merge, with a deadline of early 2020. The buddy-up involves “thousands of Facebook employees” re-designing all three apps “at their most basic levels”.

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