Gen Z & How Brands Can Connect with Them on Snapchat


Gen Z & How Brands Can Connect with Them on Snapchat

SNAPCHAT has just released 2 new reports on Generation Z and their social media usage habits and specifically focuses on creativity, and how Gen Z views connection with people and brands online.

The first report, ‘Into Z Future‘, is a 70-page report on key Gen Z habits and trends, including a load of key insights and stats to understand this emerging audience. While Millennials have dominated the marketing discussion in recent times, Gen Z is up next, making these insights even more relevant, and important for marketers to take in.

Snap’s main focus in this first report is on the creative habits of Gen Z, and how Snapchat facilitates them – which also includes some not so subtle digs at Instagram and its common traits and trends:

here’s a heap to take in, and the full report is absolutely worth reading through to get a feel for the key traits and habits of younger users.

As noted by Snapchat, Gen Z is only going to become a bigger consideration for brands, so it’s worth getting an understanding of the key trends in order to maximize your marketing approach for the next shift. There’s a lot of insight to take in here, along with key tips for brands looking to partner with relevant influencers to reach this emerging cohort.

In addition to this, Snapchat has also published a second report which looks at more of the lifestyle and habitual behaviours of Gen Z, as opposed to specific usage trends.

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