Forres Community Council

Forres Community Council

About Forres Community Council 

Forres Community Council (FCC) is a voluntary organisation set up by statute by Moray Council the Local Authority and run by local residents to act on behalf of the Forres area. As the most local tier of elected representation, Community Councils play an important role in local democracy.

As well as representing the community to the local authority, Forres Community Councils facilitate a wide range of activities which promote the well-being of our communities. They bring local people together to help make things happen, and Forres Community Councils protect and promote the identity of their community. They advise, petition, influence and advocate numerous causes and cases of concern on behalf of local communities.

About Project

FCC didn’t have an identity that was used by others in the town as its logo was the creat of the town and it was used by a number of sporting organisation and other groups. It was felt by creating their separate identity they would stand out more. SO we looked at the town and decided that Nelson Tower would make an ideal part fo the logo so we went ahead a designed a logo for the council and we also created them a website FREE of charge.

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